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Selmer Series II vs Series III vs Ref 54 vs 875 EX for CARAVAN Mouthpiece

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Hi guys,
I currently use a yamaha 62II alto and caravan mouthpiece but am going to upgrade cuz i made all states last year. I've tried the 875 and its a tad bit resistive than my 62. I'm going to try the 54 and the selmers, but before I drive all the way to nyc to try it, do you guys know if the serires II or III or 54 works best with large chamber caravan.

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You're going to buy a horn to fit a mouthpiece? I think that's one of the more bizarre things I've read on the forum, yet. Ain't exactly cost effective - or necessary.
This is probably not uncommon. You buy the horn that plays best for you- with whatever particular mouthpiece you test it with.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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