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Thanks Andre251,
I guess it won't be the solution.
I visited the Yamaha site and surprisingly they do not have the G3 neck. They offer a C1, E1 and V1 model. Go figure!
If I tune on the upper register, the MP is almost hanging from the crook.
In the last 2 years or so, they discontinued the G series necks, releasing the C, E, and V models. They're great! I'm partial to the gold plated V1 on my 82Z. But unfortunately could not afford to purchase it at the time I went to try it. That particular neck made everything tune a lot better as well as made it easier to play. But yes, I have found that on my 82Z with my stock G1 neck, anything above high E plays sharp. But you're right, altissimo isn't. I typically end up having to voice it down. Played a Mark VI in a shop the other day. Those high Es and Fs slotted right in tune for me with ease.

I have put a Selmer neck on my Yamaha before. I couldn't get it to fit on all the way but I tried playing it anyways and it was pretty awesome I must say. If you do buy a Selmer neck you'll have to get it fitted to your tenor.
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