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Ok so I bought a late 80's early 90's Super Action 80 series ii and
I really like the tone, it has almost no lacquer and the key pearls are
worn pretty badly which is strange. I had originally agreed to buy it for $1575
but when I received it the condition was not as described so the buyer refunded
me $250 to bring the price to $1325. I think it was stored in a basement
or something because it has a mold or mildew thing going on so I have played
it sparingly.

So the case is a wreck and I am hoping to buy the hiscox alto case one
of the members has on ebay for this horn, does anyone know if it will
have any fit issues?

Anyway I am planning on having a mechanical overhaul done including
stripping all of the lacquer and a light buffing as well. My tech seems to
think white roo pads would be the best pad for this horn, if I go with
the roo pads and noyek resonators it will cost me an extra $100. I am
not sure if I should spring for them or not, I could also go with Feree's
pads with plastic resonators for the horn, I mostly play jazz and pop with
a little classical.

Well I would welcome the help of anyone who has experience with the
pads especially those with a serie ii and roos or someone who has done
an a/b test with roo and regular pads, I have searched not only this
site but google as well and most reviews I see are almost 3 years old.
As always thanks a bunch. Jay.

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the noyeks will brighten the tone & make it harsh IMO. if you like it the way it is now don't put noyeks on it. go with the original selmer resonators, they're metal I think. as long as the pads are good ones the roos should be fine. again, if you like the tone as it is be careful about those noyeks. I knew a guy here, pro player, had a silver MKVII alto & repadded it with noyeks......yanked those noyeks out later. some people like em....I don't, but then it all depends on what you want the horn to sound like.

btw, I'd also be careful of buffing.....if you strip off the lacquer down to bare brass just polish it, don't take metal off with buffing. most alto cases should work.
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