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Selmer SBA Vs. Conn 6m Vs. Selmer model 26

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i am looking for an upgrade alto and have narrowed my choices down to these three, i can afford them all, i was just wondering about different views in comparison, currently i think the SBA is on top, fairly sure actually, but i just wanna know what you all think.

the SBA is great, the lacquer is more intact than on my 275!!! and its only 1800!!


the 6m is great, it is as good as a 26m i recently played, is a good relacquer,

the model 26 i havent played recently, original lacquer, fair quality, quite early
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If you don't take that SBA then send me your address so I can come slap you in person. (And then take me to the person offering it so I can buy it).

SearjeantSax said:
help me think of a name for her!!
SearjeantSax said:
help me think of a name for her!!
Seriously. Scarlett. I would've used that for my tenor, but it's my daughters name and that's just be a little too weird for me.
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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