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selmer paris vintage "bass" sax

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where should i go to find a selmer paris bass sax ?? anybody has any connection or know anyone tries to sell it ? thanks !! :)
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I think they're special order items only.
thanks for the info :)

but i am actually looking "vintages"...

Thanks :)
I am not familiar with Selmer basses earlier than the MKVI. But the later Selmer basses (MKVI+) I've heard (never played one) were not impressive. They lacked that certain BOOM that is SO prevalent in the Conn/Buescher basses of the 1920's (and the latest Taiwanese copies of those models).

I know, that wasn't the question . . . DAVE
I looks like you're about a year too late for the one Cybersax recently sold. Pictures are on the main web-site page.

You can always shoot him an e-mail. He *might* know if one of his clients has one that they may be willing to let go.

Good Luck!
A few days ago I've seen an ad on a Dutch site by someone who's offering his MkVI bass as a free-loan because he hardly plays it himself, asking for an annual concert at an old people's home (? is that correct in english?) in return. Looks like he doesn't want to sell but you never know.
Shipping one seems a challenge to me.
I'm terribly sorry. I misread you're "vintage" as a finish choice.
I needed that to clear my head. No need to be Martysaxed for such a silly thing.
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