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Selmer New York - What is the actual model?

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I have a silver tenor Selmer New York with a SN P7430. It plays well, and I was wondering: Is it a specific Buescher or Conn model? If it helps, the B and Bb keys on the bell are on opposite sides (is there a reason for that?) and was made for truly giant hands.
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Most, if not all (I could have missed an obscure brand or two) pre-1930 saxophones had split bell pads. I suspect that is just the way it was done then. The move to the left side came next (early 1930's), then they moved to the right side of the bell (I suspect with the entrance of Selmer's Balanced Action model). I'm sure some who prefer more detail can enhance those claims, but once the bell pads moved to the left, I think the split bell pads were abandoned. Again, there may be some obscure brands that didn't follow that trend or were late in doing so, but with Conns, Bueschers, Selmers, and Kings, that was the case. DAVE
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