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Selmer New Larger-Bore Alto Saxophone Model No. 152-S

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Hello everyone,

I am a owner of a Selmer New Larger-Bore Alto Saxophone Model No. 152-S. Dave W. Holmes, my close and dear friend, died and left it to me a while ago. Unfortunately, I find that I have no talent or abilities in music and feel that a horn of this quality needs a home with someone who can appreciate the beauty and stunning sound of this instrument. I used to come over to Dave's house for a visit and he would be practicing. I wouldn't knock on the door but would sit on the porch and listen until he was done. The music was incredible. He bought the horn new, was a professional musician for many, many years and played it up until the day he died.

The question I have for you is how best to get this instrument into the hands of someone who will care for it like Dave did? I have an eBay account but I don't know if this is the best forum for selling something like this. I took it into North Woodwinds in Chico and Ed Luce (the owner) said it was in excellent playing condition. There are various consignment places but I don't know which is the best one.

The horn is nestled into a like-new 1950s Selmer case with removable zipper cover. The horn even has another Selmer neck. Why he needed two I'll most likely never know. Dave did some modifications like building up one of the keys and there is a bit of wear where his hands touch it while playing. Should I photograph everything even remotely interesting and post it for auction and how much do you think I should ask? Additionally, is there a site that can give me guidance on how to best put this into the hands of a professional so it may continue to move the soul and uplift the heart?

David Leffler
[email protected]
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