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Selmer MK VII Opinions? (Compared to more modern saxophones)

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Hi all, I’m about to bite the bullet on a new tenor sax, and I’ve been able to find Mk VIIs in my budget.
I am shopping used, and for around the same price I’ve found cannonball vintage reborn tenors (I’ve had the
Chance to play them and I really like them)

The only issue is, while I love the sound of mk vi and mk vii tenors, I’ve never been able to play one,
And I don’t believe there are any I can try near me, I’d be buying them online via Reverb.

Opinions? I’ve heard the mk VII is criminally underrated and are often considered by those who own them to be fantastic horns.

P.s. The ergonomics won’t bother me (coming from a 1934 King H.H. white)
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Okay so update:

As I am financing the the sax I buy (please don’t tear me apart) I was not approved for the amount I would need for a Mark VII (at least the offerings on Reverb)

My approval was only $2150 (the cannonball fits this used) but do you guys have any other suggestions that I could also be looking at?

I am looking for the projection and other similar characteristics found in the Mark VII (after some research I think I fell in love)
So if you guys have any other suggestions please let me know!

Also I can stretch that number just a little with cash but not by much
Update 2: I just ordered a Conn 10m Naked Lady (301,xxx) so I’ll update you guys when it gets here!
1 - 3 of 29 Posts
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