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Selmer MK VII Opinions? (Compared to more modern saxophones)

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Hi all, I’m about to bite the bullet on a new tenor sax, and I’ve been able to find Mk VIIs in my budget.
I am shopping used, and for around the same price I’ve found cannonball vintage reborn tenors (I’ve had the
Chance to play them and I really like them)

The only issue is, while I love the sound of mk vi and mk vii tenors, I’ve never been able to play one,
And I don’t believe there are any I can try near me, I’d be buying them online via Reverb.

Opinions? I’ve heard the mk VII is criminally underrated and are often considered by those who own them to be fantastic horns.

P.s. The ergonomics won’t bother me (coming from a 1934 King H.H. white)
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If it's a choice between a Cannonball and a Mark VII, and you don't have the chance to play either, and you simply have to buy one of the two, if I were you I'd go for the Mark VII without question. I think they're great horns. I've liked every single one I've tried, never understood the hate, and although their ergonomics feel a bit different from other horns, it's nothing that wouldn't become easy and familiar with a little time. If you're buying from Reverb, you'll probably be taking it into your favorite local tech anyway, so that will help account for minor things you might not like about the setup.

Mark VIIs are also going up in value, albeit slightly, while Cannonballs probably won't for the foreseeable future. So if you end up wanting to sell it, you'll reduce your chances of taking a bath.
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