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Hello to all,

I posted a thread on the "parts for sale" marketplace forum, but I suspect this is a better place to ask this question.

I recently bought a nice mid 1950s Conn 10M tenor. I got it cheap so I wasn't too careful about asking for detailed photos. I was happy to see a neck on the horn as that period had the double socket neck. Double socket necks were only made for three years I am told and are therefore pretty rare.

Well to my surprise, when I got the horn it had a Mk VI neck on it. Obviously the neck was modified to fit the Conn. I think a new Conn receiver was put on the horn and the Selmer neck was modified to fit the bigger bore.

The work was good and the fit of the neck is excellent. The horn has seen some hard service and I can't really evaluate it fully without some new pads, but as is it blows really well!

So you guys have a huge amount of collective experience. I have some reliable information that new york guys in the 1960s thought the Mk VI was a good modification to fix the 10M.

So am I better off with the Mk VI neck or should I restore it? (Believe it or not, I think I have access to the original style double socket neck.)

I would love to hear your experiences!


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