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does anybody knows if the selmer metal mpc (the one that coltrane played) was made in two different models: jazz & "classic"?
If there are two different kinds, what are the differences and how can you tell which sort it is.

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I don't know about the "one that Coltrane played" but

classic model has scroll around the shank.
"O" throat

jazz model has no scroll around the shank.
"U" throat due to the heightened baffled all the way down to the throat
plus it has "Jazz" written on the shank

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asaxman said:
Did Selmer make a jazz soprano mouthpiece in 1960? I don't think so. I could be wrong!
No...I don't think they've EVER made a jazz model for soprano. At least not the same mouthpiece as the alto and tenor "jazz" model.
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