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Which Mark VI Do You Own?

  • Sopranino

    Votes: 12 1.4%
  • Soprano

    Votes: 102 11.9%
  • Alto Low Bb

    Votes: 353 41.1%
  • Alto Low A

    Votes: 19 2.2%
  • Tenor

    Votes: 574 66.9%
  • Bari Low Bb

    Votes: 51 5.9%
  • Bari Low A

    Votes: 43 5.0%
  • Bass

    Votes: 4 0.5%
  • Other: I don't think I missed any. Did I?

    Votes: 7 0.8%
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When you say "smooth" are you talking about the sonic qualities or the mechanical key-work qualities?
keywork mostly...but I also find the horn very neutral and it allows me to shape my own sound. My last Mark VI had a strong personality that seemed a bit one dimensional.

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Hello! I'm looking for a specific Selmer Paris Mark VI Tenor Saxophone. I saw that your serial number started with 155 so I thought I would reach out and ask... would it happen to be 155284? This was my Dad's tenor that he had to sell during the recession. I am looking to search for it and throw in an offer for it to purchase it back for my Dad if possible. Thank you!
521 - 531 of 531 Posts