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Selmer Mark VI and Vito (Yani S-6) Comparison

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I finally own a Mark VI and a Vito (Yani S-6) Soprano at the SAME TIME. I've taken MANY photos with the 2 horns "back to back." If interested send me your e-mail and I'll get you the photos. If someone knows how to post the photos on SOTW, it may also me interesting.

This is a basic visual comparison. Both are wonderful playing horns. My general conclusion is that Yanagisawa took the best of the VI and made slight adjustments (corrections where needed) but also simplified construction (less expensive). The Vito also happens to be for sale in the HORNS FOR SALE forum.

Serial Number (I believe both were made in 1977)

Vito (Japan) 07775XXX
Selmer 269xxx

Length (This was very surprising)

Vito: 25 3/4 inches
Selmer: 25 1/4 inches


Vito: 2 Pounds 12.5 ounces (1.26 kg)
Selmer: 2 Pounds 10 ounces (1.19 kg)

Palm Keys

Palm keys extend away from the body of the horn slightly more. Constructed with 3 posts and 1 long rod screw hold the three pakm keys. Tone holes are not in a direct line and has the additional high F# tone hole.

Palm keys sit very close to the body. My F key is built out just a bit. 5 posts and 2 rod screw construction. Tone holes are in a straight line.

Left Hand Table

Very similar in feel. Selmer has 2 rollers on Low B Key and Mother of Pearl on G# Key.

Low C# Mechanism

Vito: Has a reverse spring similar to Selmer Altos or Tenors
Selmer: C# Key has a spring - different configurations from Vito but both feel the same.

Forked F# (RH)

Vito: Plain Flat Brass touch - slightly lower than Selmer - A bit more comfortable.
Selmer: Mother of Pearl touch - slightly high - particularly in comparison to Selmer Tenor

Thumb Hook

Vito: Brass thumb hook similar to 5 Digit VI Tenors
Selmer: Plastic - (I prefer)

Right Hand Side Keys

Typical Yani Large Metal Contruction (Not Post) One flat piece of metal bent into key Bracket. One bracket holds both the Side C and Bb Key. All three RH side keys are lower with the E key molded with a flare on top. VERY COMFORTABLE.

4 Post construction. Keys are VERY high with High E almost 2 high. All keys are FLAT. Oleg makes an adapter but I found that with the adapter the side keys are too high.

Adjustment Screws

Vito: Has a high C# adjustment screw for the Pad on Pad configuration.
Selmer: No High C# adjustment. Other adjustment screws are similar.

Octave Key

Very different configurations:

Neck Strap Ring

Vito: Standard Ring soldered to body
Selmer: No Ring - Oleg makes on that fits in Lyre Holder. (I prefer)
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The S-6 is a great horn. I find that they can vary in tonal quality from one to the next. Just listened to three of them recently and while they all played and sounded great it was pretty easy to hear some differences between them and even more while playing them.
The saxello and I have parted ways. I made a decision to play only on modern curved sopranos after many years on vintage horns. I got a Vito Yani curved with Front high F and high F# and am not looking back. I am very glad for the time I spent with the saxello and vintage Conn's and Bueschers but I have found this is the setup that works best for me. The sound maybe does not have all the character and prescence of the King saxello but the ease of use and added facility and comfort are a good trade off.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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