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I've been scouring the 'net trying to find any information or reviews on this Sax model. I picked one up used in excellent condition because for the money it seemed like an great deal (about the same price as used YTS-23's that were pretty beat up). So far I've found out it was a special "limited edition" model made in the 90's for Liberty and Arts. A few snippets I've found from people who actually own them speak quite favorably about them. I've also read this is a "step up" indermediate-level horn, but don't know what that means in relation to other horns in the same (used) price range. Also the design of this horn looks VERY similar to the Conn 9M, another sax made in the 90's, but the Conn has rolled tone holes. There are some other slight differences between the Liberty and the 9M, but looking at the overall valve mechanisms they seem to be nearly twins, and both the Conn 9M and the Selmer Liberty look in design a lot like newer Keilwerth horns. (I looked at a Keilwerth Sx90R up close there do appear to be big differences in the way the posts are reinforced on the instrument.)

My questions: What sax is the Selmer LTS-501L closely related to? Is it a limited edition version of the Selmer TS500 (only a guess due to the similarity in model numbers, but is sure resembles one. Also there's very limited info on TS500's on the internet as well.) If it is based on a TS500, what's different that warrants a "limited edition" designation? Does anyone have any feedback or thoughts regarding this instrument, the build quality, tone, etc?

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