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Selmer Keyguard Screw Threads ...

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What pitch is the thread on these screws? I need to get a tap and die that exact size.

It's a 3mm thread, but not as fine a thread as an M3x0.5.

And it's exactly the same as the threads on the pillars going through the sockets on Selmer clarinets with an articulated C#/G#.
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Other than to make our lives unnecessarily difficult, where's the motivation for a manufacturer NOT to use common ISO thread sizes for all-purpose screws for like keyguards, necks, lyre holders etc etc. ? :scratch:

(when I dismantle computers, I often unscrew things and keep the screws with their sometimes very exotic thread sizes. That supply comes very handy when needing "just a lil' screw" for a temporary fix)
Spare parts sales, perhaps?
Jeez, how cheap.
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