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looking though, I couldn't hear him saying what opening Bird used - did I miss it? Very curious because I was told by Dave Schildkraut that Bird was always frustrated at not finding anything more open than a 5 or 6, and so just kept trying to find stiffer and stiffer reeds.

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Shame that the sound on his voice was so quiet.

More information on the metal Selmer England mouthpiece over on the Cafe Saxophone forum:

It was made in a very unusual way, with the top part of the beak being a separate part that was soldered onto the rest of the body - you can see the join on close-up pictures of worn mouthpieces.

There are pictures showing the join highlighted with red arrows:

I think that Ed Pillinger has made copies of these mouthpieces from his resin material but don't know whether that is tenor, alto or both.

1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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