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Selmer Concept?

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Does anyone out there know if Selmer is working on a Concept for bari? I have them for s/a/t, and while they're not my main pieces (Raschers) I really like them. They're dark enough that I don't mind playing them for classical, but flexible enough that despite the narrow tip opening I really like what they do in a jazz setting, especially on soprano. While I'm sure my Rascher bari piece isn't going anywhere, a Concept would certainly be a nice addition.
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Does anyone out there know if Selmer is working on a Concept for bari?
I do not know, but Selmer currently makes only two baritone mouthpieces: the S80 and the S90. Not only no Concept, but also no Soloist and nothing in the jazzy vein. Judging by the relationship between S80 and Concept prices for the alto and tenor models, a Concept mouthpiece for baritone sax probably would have a street price of close to $400. Would you be prepared to pay that? Maybe so, but I doubt that there would be very many other classical bari players with big budgets who wanted a Selmer mp yet didn't find either the S80 or S90 adequate.
Apparently ordering from European vendors is a little cheaper, but I've gotten all my Concepts on the used market at a nice discount. I'm very patient. :bluewink:
You'd have to be in this case! A mouthpiece that, should it ever be manufactured at all, would surely be produced only in small quantities, could take close to forever to trickle out into the used market. I acquired a used alto Concept in a trade, but when I wanted to try a soprano Concept, I ended up buying a new one at the cheapest retail price I could find (it may have been a European shop; I can't recall). I think I would despair if I had to conceive a strategy for obtaining an affordable Concept for baritone someday.

Anyway, everyone can't buy used. The larger point is that the probable disinclination of the market as a whole to pay ~$400 is a factor that would discourage Selmer from moving forward.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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