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Selmer Concept?

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Does anyone out there know if Selmer is working on a Concept for bari? I have them for s/a/t, and while they're not my main pieces (Raschers) I really like them. They're dark enough that I don't mind playing them for classical, but flexible enough that despite the narrow tip opening I really like what they do in a jazz setting, especially on soprano. While I'm sure my Rascher bari piece isn't going anywhere, a Concept would certainly be a nice addition.
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What's the difference between the Concept and other Selmer pieces like the Super Session, Spirit, and Soloist? The outside shapes are different but internally they all seem very similar to me- just curious?
probably just me, but on soprano i find the Concept to trend more oboe than flute on the low end. like the Selmer Classic Metal.
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