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Selmer Concept?

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Does anyone out there know if Selmer is working on a Concept for bari? I have them for s/a/t, and while they're not my main pieces (Raschers) I really like them. They're dark enough that I don't mind playing them for classical, but flexible enough that despite the narrow tip opening I really like what they do in a jazz setting, especially on soprano. While I'm sure my Rascher bari piece isn't going anywhere, a Concept would certainly be a nice addition.
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not yet, but they are not likely to develop something for a market that small any time soon.

If you like the idea, why don't you get in touch with SYOS and see if the can produce you ( they do 3D mouthpieces) which will take the curve and design to the size you need?

They are expert acoustitians and may be interested, their production method allows for a small time production.
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