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Selmer Bundy metal clarinet on ebay, seller claims silver, it isn´t!

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Hello, i bought a clarinet (in an auction off) of ebay. The seller claimed it to be silver. Silly of me I should have thought about that silver seldom leaves red rot or "rusts".
But what to do?
Me, in northern Europe (Sweden) and the seller in the USA, sets shipping costs to USD $ 54 oversea. I have already started to work on the horn. Havn´t yet contacted the seller and already given positive feedback. :crybaby:

Link to object

Any good advice anybody?

Beg your pardon for posting here but the ebay thread isclosed. I guess quite a few viewers here seems to have an experience of ebay.
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The listing has quite a few very detailed pictures and states, "Composition of the metal is unknown to me - The body is non ferrous."

Given the pictures and the description I'd say that calling it a "silver clarinet" instead of a "silver-plated clarinet" in the title is not really any grounds for a complaint.

For a multi piece "high quality when made" metal clarinet it appears that you won it at a fair market price. Absent any issues with screws and rods being corroded in place, you should wind up with a nice old piece that should be enjoyable to play.

Best wishes for success in your project.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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