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Selmer/Bundy II Alto Repair Insight Request

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I find myself in the middle of overhauling a 1983 Alto. (Selmer Bundy II). Frankly it is my first Alto, and the project is going well.

Please note, I am not doing this myself because I am cheap. I am doing this myself because I am going to turn around and donate the instrument to my son’s school, and the instrument isn’t worth $ it wouldn’t make sense to have a professional overhaul it. I am also taking it as an opportunity to learn how to manage and maintain my own saxophones better.

All pads have been replaced along with most of the felts and corks. (I had someone else do the neck). I have spent a lot of time on pad to tone hole alignment and leaks.

Everything seems to play fine with the following exceptions. Most everything plays pretty well in tune with the exception of the right hand key stack.

1). When I depress the F key, it goes slightly sharp
2). When I play E, it goes a full 20 cents sharp
3). When I play D, it stays a full 20 cents sharp
4). When I play low C, however, it goes back into tune.

.........aside from the obvious that I need not worry about 20 cents sharp when I donate the horn to my a middle school band, does anyone have any insight as to what might be causing the issue.

Out of ego, I would prefer to give the school an instrument that at least I can get to play in tune.
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Try closing the low C pad a little. You can temporarily lower it with cork or an extra felt bumper. If you get it too low it will make the D stuffy.
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