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I've started to use a Selmer 404 ligature on my Otto Link STM New York tenor mouthpiece (new four years ago). It wasn't a walk in the park as the Link STM NY body is fatter than the standard STM. I wanted to use it as it was great on my standard STM from the 1980's. It needed longer screws thats all, so I took the lig screws from a Berg Larsen lig, which are longer. It worked well and now the 404 has been stretched enough to slip on the STM NY easily with the Berg screws and and deals with the hump on the top of the mouthpiece. The 404 does a really good job of sealing the reed on the table of the STM NY. Much better than the Link stock lig (which I always thought was going a good job). So I had two redundant silver screws from the 404. Coincidently I watched a Jeff Antoniuk 'Digging Deeper' video on YouTube.
He was talking about the new D'ddario Select Jazz hard rubber tenor mouthpiece which he was trying, and loving and also about an Ishimori neck screw. I'd seen this stuff before, neck screw, buzz screw, heavy mass screw, ReedGeek Klangbogen etc. etc. so with 2 selmer silver spare ligature screws, I thought what the heck.....I popped one of the spare screws in the neck tenon joint.
I know one thing. The tone on the horn is crisper, more resonant, tighter and warmer. Definitely. One thing I know don't is why. I don't think the selmer screw is sterling silver. Silver plated yes. I can only think that somehow it makes a better seal at the tenon and receiver. Has anyone else had any similar quirky, difficult to explain results when messing about with ridiculous saxophone theories (no disrespect to Ishimori).
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