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Hey guys,

So towards the end of last year I upgraded to a Keilwerth SX90R alto, and ever since my old horn's been sitting in the cupboard neglected. I've decided it's probably about time to sell it.

It was my first ever horn, but sadly (and not for lack of trying), I know almost nothing about it. If you guys could point me somewhere that I could learn a bit more about this horn, I'd be much obliged. (I have read through all the century threads on here that I've managed to find, but they seem light on things like models, production dates and how quality varies through these variables). All I can tell you is it's a Century with a high F# and an adjustable plastic thumb hook. It's model number is C92940, and I got it second hand when I started highschool in 2001 for a couple of hundred bucks. I believe the key touches are just plastic though.

It's long overdue for a service, and could use a pretty thorough going over (some leaking from the bell tone holes, squishy action, missing the keytouch on the bis key), but I took pretty good care of it and it served me well (it really has quite a surprisingly nice sound). I want to get it in the best possible condition before sale so that it may serve another young player as well as it did me.

So, anyway, I've been thinking I'd like to take it to one of the local woodwind/brasswind shops who deal in second hand instruments and sell it on consignment through them. I was wondering if you guys have any experiences, good or bad, going this route. Could I just get their inhouse techs to service it and then deduct the cost of that from the final sale price? Do I get any say on the sale price (I'd like to keep it at or below about 400 AUD. It's really a pretty decent horn, and I lucked out to get it for as cheap as I did. It's only fair someone else gets the same opportunity). What sort of things do I need to watch out for? Anyone in Melbourne I should be cautious of?

Sorry for the sort of rambling post. I would've written something shorter if I had the time. Also, I can't help but get filled with nostalgia when I think about parting with my first horn.

Anyway, thanks for your input guys!

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