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Well Im pretty new here but I though that I might get some good ideas from here. Im planning to make a "good" reedholder by myself and was wondering what kind of holders have you done?

Sure, I know that you can buy it but a selfmade would be personal and also fun to do ;)

Here is my v. 1.0

- Easy to keep track of your reeds at home and have always playable reeds at hand
- Protecting the tip of the reed
- You can hang it anywhere where you need it near
- Made of plexiglass
- Takes three alto sax reeds
- Costs to make minimal

Thoughts anyone?

(I didnt know where exactly to place this thread so feel free to remove it or just re-place it if needed.)

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Good effort.

Now make it smaller and lose the elastic thing. Small enough to fit in your pocket, because that's where you'll want it at rehearsals or on stage. The elastic things justlie in wait to catch the tip of your reed when you slide it in.
I've tried most all of them and I keep coming back to the LaVoz reedholder. Cheap and nasty, but it does the job and it's quick. Quick is an important consideration when you're in rehearsals or performing.

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Of all the things not made anymore, I think the aluminum 4 slot la voz reedguard is the one I miss.

I have had one for alto reeds, and I use a clarinet reedguard for soprano reeds.

I just wish I had one each for tenor and bari.

Yours looks cool, but I gotta agree that I need it in my pocket.

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I play mostly by myself and never performing with sax, its just my hobby instrument.


- smaller
- has to fit into your pocket
- and fast!

I will think of those in my v. 2.0 :)

Im having a holiday and got nothing to do except playing sax, sleeping and eating. Im trying to skip the eating and started to do other stuff then, thats why this sudden interest for reedholders.

Sure, it sounds amazing when you dont need to do anything but after working 8 months almost nonstop with theater schedule you feel a bit restless when doing nothing.

You'll see my next version soon!
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