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Dear forumers!
I want to share some of my experience in self control and learn out about yours.
While practicing and performing every one of us has a «switch» of self control which works in two positions: I like/I don’t like. So every day I practice I have it switched on and sometimes I like everything or sometimes not, and I always try to figure out why not. At first it took much time to figure it out (for some things as much as three-four years). Sometimes I find my self making the same old errors. Like bad timing, bad intonation, etc. For these old “friends” things it go quicker. But still these errors pop up from time to time. And sometimes (and it is worst when it happens during a gig) I don’t like a note I play. And afterwards when I think it over I figure out that the problem was in me (breathing, air support, rhythm, intonation). And I think: “Why couldn’t I understand it at the moment I played it?”.
And during some gigs I just love what I play, and it goes great because of me loving it.
So my question to the pros: do you guys get rid of this above mentioned problems at once at the certain level of your professionalism. Like for example having a stable embouchure: you don’t think about it, you just have it. Does it happen the same way with your style and all this little things that build it: rhythm, intonation, phrasing etc.
Thanks for your replies!
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