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Seeking repairer.

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I have just arrived in Australia from England.
My Saxophone did not travel well, it now looks like a bannana. The whole top is bent.
I know, it will probably need an overhaul as well. Can someone recommend a repairer.
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Im actually on the Western side. Fremantle.
Using an internet cafe.
Thankyou Patmiller. I sent simsi a message.

Thankyou Dog Pants. I will look up steve tomorrow.
A follow up.

I have no transport or Australian Drivers license, so I spoke to Steve from Ultrainspections by phone. He recommended I post my saxophone, or catch the train out to him.
I weighed my options, decided to catch the train. When I departed the train, I gave him a call to ask for directions to his workshop, 5 Minutes later he picked me up personally.
I arrived in his shop and was greeted like a lost friend. Was made a Cafe' Latte, and by the time I had finished my latte, my saxophone had been straightened and leaks removed.
We discussed the option of the repad, I have elected to go ahead. He cannot fit me in until next thursday. Todays repair cost me nothing, but I did have to pay half the repad price up front $175 for this free repair.
Apparently if I drop my saxophone of time him by 9am, I can pick it back up on the same day at 4pm.
I am now, back in Fremantle after a not so pleasant train ride, with my saxophone and have been playing for my friends.
The service industry is not dead. And to all. I thank you greatly for this recommendation.

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1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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