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Yani S901 soprano, Mark VI alto, Couf Superba I tenor, Yani BW01 baritone. Drake and Morgan mps.
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jvsax said:
Thanks! Of the two Morgan chambers, (M and L), which is closest to the Meyer chamber? I'll probably start with that one since the Meyer is pretty close to where I want the sound to be.

Regarding the VII vs. VI thing, I think this Meyer would probably be what I'm looking for if I had a VI alto, but the more open (larger bore?) of the VII is partly why I'm looking for a different chamber on the mouthpiece. Especially since my main horn is tenor and tenor players sometimes have issues getting a centered alto sound.

Thanks again.
Regarding Morgan chambers, I've tried both the L and the M and found it really hard to discern a difference between the two, other than that the L had to be pushed in farther on the cork to be in tune. If you tend to play a little sharp (especially up high), I'd say go for the L. I don't do that on alto, so I'm sticking with the M. (Played both on Martin altos.)
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