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I've relocated to Memphis from Canada 18 months ago and have proper working papers (finally) for the next 3 years. Although I play BB Kings on Beale Street regularly, 3 nights a week, I was hoping for some touring work in the USA or other locales. Last tour was to Italy in 06 with a bunch of Memphians and Wayne Jackson of the Memphis Horns. Hot players and a nice gig. Actually got to play with Wayne and the horns since. Damn they're good.

Kids are grown and gone and I'm free to travel. Passport ready, and no criminal convictions.

I don't mind working with Christians if they can stand a lapsed Catholic like me.

I was a band leader for most of the last 30 years so I know what a leader expects of a sideman and will give him the yes sir, no sir, three bags full sir. Not looking for any glory, just work with good players.

I smoke tobacco regularly, drink far too infrequently, but hey, booze just ain't the same after 50 yrs of age. The only drugs I'm on are the ones the Doctor prescribes. Ah, those were the days.... Current physical condition, good and fit.

I'd prefer a straight up blues gig, in a section or just as myself with a blues band is fine. R'n'B is also close to my heart. I can and do read, but I'm not looking for a heavy reading gig with some out of sight big band. Just not my cup of tea and too much math involved!

Quick study who doesn't really need any time to work in. Ears do the job well. If necessary I make tapes and chart like crazy.

Does anyone know of any opportunities? My resume is posted on my website with some sound clips. Being from Canada which has an almost nonexistent recording scene, I don't have a ton of session gigs under my belt. It's the nature of the game up there, but I've worked steady in pop, blues, r'n'b and jazz for 30 yrs.

I come equipped with tenor and alto. If a bari gig was available, which pays, I'd buy one.

www <dot> myspace <dot> com <backslash> rickflanagan

All leads are appreciated and reasonable offers considered.

Thanks folks.

Rick Flanagan

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We're all seeking employment playing the sax, man!!! :D :cool:
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