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Seeking advices on mouthpiece for Yani S992

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Hi all Yani S992 owners,

What's your mouthpiece & lig setup for your S992?
Also, what's your preference for neck? Straight or curved?

I'm now using Yani #4 mouthpiece (bundled with the sop) together Hemke #3 reed. The sound is pretty bright indeed. I hope to produce a darker & soft tone and thus I'm looking for another mouthpiece setup.

Thanks in advance :)
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Something darker than a hard rubber #4 Yani piece? And on a bronze horn? That should already be fairly dark. Anything darker would probably have to be a classical type piece like a Selmer C*. As to straight or curved necks I prefer curved as it works better with a neckstrap which takes the weight off of the right thumb making it easy to play for long periods of time. Alot of players prefer the sound and response of the straight neck. But straight necks don't work very well with a strap and without a strap the weight of the horn on the right thumb can be uncomfortable even painful after playing a while.
I use either a Morgan Vintage 7 or a Super Session J (with Vandoren Java 2 or Superial 2 or 2 1/2; stock Selmer metal lig) on my S992. I use the straight neck. No strap - not on any soprano over 50 years of playing. DAVE
I am using a Yanagisawa metal 7 for a SC992, works well IMHO.
First of all, thank you for your input.
Hi, Dave, I've never thought of using SS J opening.... is it difficult to play? In fact my friend also recommend me to try the SS E opening. Whilst stock is not available at the moment, I'd try out later.
bjornblomberg, I'm also interested in metal mouthpiece, yet would this make the sound brighter than Yani #4?
Reference: The SS-J (.069") is not difficult for me - I have three of them. I keep one with each of my favorite sopranos. It is my #1 choice for my '28 TrueTone.

Lately, I've been going with the Morgan Vintage 7 (.070") on my S992, but the SS-J is right there should the circumstances require it. For me, the SS-J has more focus (or center) than the Morgan, but is a bit brighter and has a bit more resistance, thus the SS-J projects better for me. In a "live" room, the Morgan 7 works fine on my S992.

But no one has the same embouchure, therefore it is impossible to say whether or not you will get along with it.

I recall several posters have found the J-facing to be the best of the SS-series. An SS-I came with a Serie III sop I once bought, but I did not care for it. I passed it along to my adult daughter who now has my old YSS62S and she likes the "I". DAVE
Dave, Thanks for your detailed info. The reason why I'm amazed is because I had once using SS-F for my Alto and I found it very difficult to play. After reading your comment, I must also try SS-J and see whether I can handle it.
If you want to go darker, try an Otto Link hard rubber, maybe #6. I'm currently on a JJ DV 7* and LOVE it.
Reference: I have an SS-F for my altos - one of my favorite alto pieces. It plays very dark for me (kinda spread as opposed to the equally dark but more focused Soloist F I have). But in "live" environments (natural acoustics, not amplification), the SS-F is very nice.

Contrary to the SS-F for alto, the SS-J for soprano is much more focused and brighter. The more open the piece, the softer the reed, generally speaking. And that's how I use them. I prep all my reeds before setting them out for performances, including shaving them down - even the Java 1 1/2 reeds I have. Again, those are MY results . . . your results may not be the same.

As to the HR Link, I have one of those for soprano (I recall it is a 6*) and it doesn't even come close to any of my good-playing pieces. I've tried it with soft reeds, medium reeds, and harder eds - no can do. Yet you may play it well. DAVE
I use a Yani metal # 7 with 2.5 Rico Royal reeds on my YSS 62 and have used it on an SC 901. I think it sounded better on the Yani. This weekend, I will be in Singapore and will try some rubber pieces out - namely the Selmer soloist, super sesson, and the Lebayle.

I'll be happy to post my findings.
try a bari hard rubber if you can find one
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