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Scholarship amount

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I'm a senior in high school looking to go a school next year with a great sax teacher and competitve sax studio. Most of my local universities don't have full time sax teachers, good facilities, or a very good studio (if one at all). That really isn't what I want to be a part of for 4 years but I could get a full ride to most of those schools.

I have a relative who lives very near Bowling Green, OH and I was considering flying up there and auditioning since I would have a free place to stay. The round trip plane fare is $200. I'm wondering if it would even be worth the fare... I think the yearly tuition there is about $22k including out of state fees and I simply can't afford that. If I could get at least half of that paid for I might get a part time job or something so I could go to a great school like that and study under Sampen. I'm no prodigy, but a pretty good player VERY interested in getting the best education I can and being part of a great sax studio. I will be majoring in Music Ed.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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I emailed Dr. Sampen and he told me that the most BGSU will give you in terms of merit based scholarships is around 6000$, but he did say that they could give you a lot of money if you're also a scholarly student ;o.

You should definitely audition, Dr. Sampen is a great professor, If I had the money I'd also go there;o
depends, i'm sure that if you were phenominal and Dr. Sampen REALLY wanted you he could probably talk to some people and get you some more money (i've seen it happen) but i doubt they'll give you MUCH more than that. Cause BGSU is more than just a music school and they have to spend money on other stuff.
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