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That's cool, and one made it all the way to Algeria ! ;) Do you like the soprano ?
I'm a beginner and blowing in a soprano is too difficult to me. Escpecially for low E and F. So I can't give you an answer about the sound. It's bad because of me . I think also that the mouthpiece is a little unusual comparing to alto and tenor ones. The reed is larger than the space between the side rails. And it exceeds them on each side by 1 or 2 milimeters. I never played on another mouthpice than i can't compare. Concerning other parameters I found the keys soft and the horn easy to hold (comparing to no oher :albino:). Its weight is 1180 gr.
Now for the alto, I used to play it with a Selmer S90 170 mp. I liked its soft sound. Best players should get a good sound with it :cool:.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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