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Has any one experienced emails similar to this..its obviously a scam and i'd like to know where the **** they got my info from?!

I am looking for a teacher who you can teach my children how to play Saxophone perfectly,i will need the following questions to be sure that i get the best learning environment for my children and also make sure that the teacher is right for them.

1.Provide me with more information about yourself ,2.Cost of the programs(consist of 3 weeks programs,1 Hour each Day and 3 days a Week )

I will arrange for the room and board as tours of the area.Perhaps they're learning this musical intrument because they're going for international studies in the UK,a programs in school that entails them to be able to know how to play one musical intrument and this will be an added advantage to them if they could improve their skills it would be better.At the beginning i will need you to come up with a time table together with them.I will want to know if you are emphasize on both practical and written exercises, then I can arrange for the payment immedaitely.Please tell me what else do you need to know.


1. Children's Name - Philip and Janet
2. Date of Birth/Age - 20 & 18
3. Study
4. Hobbies/Interests/Talents-Reading
5. Present Level ; Intermediate
6. Previous knowledge-schools
7. The rate their skills/abilities in the following areas - fair (needs help)
8. Why they interested in taking Saxophone classes - International studies
9. I will prefer group
10. What times are you available to take classes?

We are based in Holland;Here is our contact address below:

ADDRESS:Bonaventurastraat 87c, 3081hc ,

Get back to me with your online Barclays Account so that i could wire payment for my children tution into your account as soon as you agreed to take my children for the music class.The requested online Barclays account details are needed to send tution fee: of account:

2.account number:

3.swift code:

4.sort code:

5.iban numbers.

Moreso, i will need your phone numbers so that i could give you a call as soon as i have sent payment into your bank account.

Thanking you in anticipation as i awaits your reply asap.

Best regards.


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Yes, I had one some weeks ago. My guess is that there are several possible sources from which personal details - essentially e-mail addresses - have been lifted. With so much spam about, this one went straight into the bin. BTW, I am in UK too, so a UK dealer's web-site could be the source.

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