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I need your opinions on the difference between the following two SBA necks ( photos are from Tenormadness ):



My question is : necks are different disigned because of earlier and later SBA ? Or, because it depends on the Low B & Low Bb keyguard (two-piece vs. one-piece ) ? :)


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FWIW, While I don't own a tenor SBA, I have an early bari and the neck on it has a very upward slant compared to a later model SBA bari.

If you want to see pix of what I am talking about, go to World Wide Sax and look at the "finest" page and find my SBA bari, then look on the "baris for sale" page and look at Sarge's current SBA. You will see a big difference in the angle. Also, the octave key mechanism is most definitely different as I had a homemade octave key mechanism on mine for a couple of years time until I found an original SBA replacement mechanism.
The kicker was, the replacement wouldn't work at all. I had to re-fab it to get it to work.

I have had 3 repairmen look at my bari neck and they all say that it has not been bent and was originally that way.

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just because the selmer logo plate changed doesn't mean the neck's 'different'. Can't see much else in your pics.

I've had a 39,xxx SBA tenor(still have it), a 50,xxx and a 52,xxx horn. Only have the 39k left, but don't remember there being much, if any diff in the necks, and even less, if any, diff in playing.

On the SBA altos, the neck did change, in that, as I recall, the later necks were longer than the earlier ones. However, I don't remember there being any playing diff there, either, altho It's been quite some time since I did a compare(only SBA alto I have left is a 39,xxx horn).
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