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SBA assembled or sold in UK?

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One of my SBAs has the following words engraved below the Selmer logo on the bell: "Sole Agents", "British Empire", "Ex Canada". I realize the original neck has no number.

Is this sax assembled in UK or sold in UK? Any difference between its French or US counterparts?
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If memory serves, Elkhart imported saxes for both Canada and U.S.

That's why you see the 'Ex Canada' stuff on the bell. London handled the UK, except for Canada.

Offhand, I don't know if UK horns were assembled in London or Paris, but I would guess Paris, as posts here and elsewhere don't mention much about a real operation in London, just an importer. Plus, with France just across the channel, it wouldn't make much financial sense to mount a large operation in London, whereas in the U.S. it was a much different situation(distance, large market, import duty financial considerations, etc.).
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