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SBA alto sax

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Someone I know is offering me a SBA alto with about 95% lacquer and great playing condition for approx $4000. Photos look fantastic, but now he tells me that 'the lacquer is still on the pearls.' I have always considered that to be tell-tale evidence of a relacquer, but he seems to think that it is original lacquer. The original owner is now 80 and swears it is original lacquer.

Does this story hold water? And, if it is original lacquer, is $4000 a good deal?

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I'll be giving it a blow soon, but probably not today. The tech who is selling via consignment on behalf of the old guy, tells me that the sound is 'like' a mark 6. But I know this is hard to quantify since mark 6's have a considerable range from "awesome" to "blah." most are great though. I guess I'll know what to do then once I give it a blow. I had been thinking about getting a Rampone R1, hard to get one though at a price I could recoup later on if I decided to move on to something else. A SBA though... That WOULD hold it's value, and could be a smarter choice.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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