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I have been testing and comparing a Rousseau Studio Jazz and a JDX for some weeks now and have been thoroughly impressed. I would like to share with you my impressions and comparisons on these high-grade, but often overlooked mouthpieces.

My first test was with the Studio Jazz model. When I examined the piece, the interior design quickly amazed me, as it was obviously patterned after the vintage Meyers. It had a long, "S" baffle like the old Meyers, but had a slightly different angle. No matter, this piece had a much warmer tonal core than those old Meyers anyways! Just like the vintage Meyers, it was moderately bright and had a rich body, however, the Studio Jazz model had an overwhelmingly warm, creamy and intimate core, giving me a deep resonance that I have not found on any mouthpiece, period. In addition, intonation was dead-on-accurate and control was absolutely fine-tuned, allowing me to effortlessly express myself in any fashion. It is, quite easily, the best piece that has matched with my Yamaha.

My second test was with the JDX. In short, I found the JDX a Studio Jazz meant for contemporary use. The baffle was designed differently, having a step-type baffle. However, it still had the same warm, intimate tonal core that the Studio Jazz model had and with more power and brilliance, thus, giving it a more contemporary flavor. I equally love both pieces, but because I perform with a band that plays primarily contemporary Rock, Pop and R&B, the JDX would be the ideal "weapon of choice" for me.
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Evidently, the E. Rousseau pieces have truly impressed me, but little did I know that it would also heavily impress others as well. Listeners, who regularly listen to me play, noted how much warmer and vibrant my tone was than about a month ago (when I was using a Morgan Jazz). Even my music director loved my new tone and told me to "permanently" stick with the setup I had. (She knows I love periodically testing mouthpieces...
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Another important information I would like to talk about is the matching of the Rousseau pieces with Yamahas. As mentioned, I felt that these were the best pieces that matched with my Yamaha and this was no coincidence. Previously, I read some articles and posts about Eugene Rousseau's involvement with Yamaha. According to these sources, while his pieces will play with any saxophone, he designed them around Yamaha saxophones. Hence, their design accurately complements the bore design of Yamahas in general, explaining why I had such an incredible experience with them.

One last tidbit that is noteworthy is the consistency of the Rousseau mouthpieces. I have tried 6-7 of each, the Studio Jazz and JDX, and can confidently state that upon visually inspecting and physically testing the pieces, they have remarkable quality control.

I heartily and wholesomely recommend the Eugene Rousseau Studio Jazz and JDX to anyone looking for high-caliber mouthpieces. Starting at an attractive price of only $65, the Studio Jazz gives you a warm, vintage vibe while the JDX retains that same, warm tonal core and provides you with added power and brilliance that is perfect for contemporary playing. I especially recommend them to Yamaha owners, as E. Rousseau has designed them around Yamaha saxophones.

Thank you and please feel free to send me a message or add your own say/opinions on this thread.


P.S. I have photos that show detailed differences between the Studio Jazz and JDX. They can be found here:[email protected]/

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I recently got one, and I am very happy with what it produces on my alto. I play in a 7-piece jazz combo, and had my second rehearsal with the mpc today. The tone is just what I like, and it lets me ride nicely above the band when I need to solo, but it is also easy to play super soft, and the intonation is good on my VR. It took me awhile to realize that I needed to shave down my reed a bit to have it a little softer, but now that I found the right reed strength, this mpc is really singing for me! I played a Meyer 5 before, which I also liked, but I won this one in a contest, and I love it!
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