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Saxquest and shipping

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Just received a Vandoren V16 ligature and cap from Saxquest. They had placed the original Vandoren box into a shipping box with NO filling or protection. So on opening the shipping box I find the ligature and cap rolling around inisde thankfully not damaged as far as I can tell.
Just a heads up!
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Hmm...they ship saxophones great. Box in a box least mine was done that way.....then again it cost a mint.
I bought a tenor from them that was packed fabulously well but that was a while ago. Later I bought my bari there, that was packaged lousy, and it only survived UPS because Conn in it's heyday built saxes like tanks.
My mouthpiece was packed well - Otto Link box inside a USPS box along with packing chips.
IIRC, they're in the process of moving. It might have been an, "Ooops. We forgot to pack that one right!" said:
5/24/2007 - This is a message to let you all know that we are in the process of moving this week and all of next week. Our new store front location will be on Antique Row in the historic Cherokee/Lemp district of St. Louis. We'll have a much larger disply floor space as well as much improved play testing areas.

We ask that you please be patient with us as we embark on this journey across town. We'll still be filling orders on a daily basis but we may be nearly impossible to reach by phone over the course of the next week. We'll also be a bit slow on updating our web site. But we have several great saxes that we will be posting soon so be sure keep checking the site.

We'll also have a new shop phone number which is now active (314) 664-1234. The old number will be moved to the new location soon too. THANKS!!
I'd recommend, if you have any problems/concerns with them that you give 'em a call. They've been nice whenever I've talked with them -- and I haven't even bought stuff (although they probably do that so I don't win their contest every month and bankrupt 'em).
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