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Saxophones are weird

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I think I'm a perpetual beginner playing a tenor sax. Now retired and have the time to play for just personal pleasure. I've kinda played several saxophones over the years and have not really had problems with any notes or strange sound's. Well until now. Since I don't play for anyone but me and I'm also obsessive, I have 3 low end and probably all Chinese saxophones. Don't really know what the Allora is though.
I just got the Allora brand new and it's a pretty good horn but I need to have a very good read to get all the notes, I have trouble with middle d, it wants to be low d, that's the only note I have trouble with. I have a dirt cheap Chinese unbranded sax that I got for just under 300 dollars and I can play that with any read that can make a sound, all the notes and never any squeaks or odd noises.
What could be the difference? I like the Allora and as long as I have a read it likes it's good but with an occasional unwanted noise, have to really be conscious of my embouchure. Also I've never had a sax that let me play all the low notes with such ease, very strange.

So it seems I got an awesome horn in that no name China sax but it's hard to get low c and below with it, yeah, saxophones are weird.
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Finger G and press the octave key. Look to see that the neck octave doesn't move and the body octave opens. It could be just stuck.
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