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Saxophones are weird

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I think I'm a perpetual beginner playing a tenor sax. Now retired and have the time to play for just personal pleasure. I've kinda played several saxophones over the years and have not really had problems with any notes or strange sound's. Well until now. Since I don't play for anyone but me and I'm also obsessive, I have 3 low end and probably all Chinese saxophones. Don't really know what the Allora is though.
I just got the Allora brand new and it's a pretty good horn but I need to have a very good read to get all the notes, I have trouble with middle d, it wants to be low d, that's the only note I have trouble with. I have a dirt cheap Chinese unbranded sax that I got for just under 300 dollars and I can play that with any read that can make a sound, all the notes and never any squeaks or odd noises.
What could be the difference? I like the Allora and as long as I have a read it likes it's good but with an occasional unwanted noise, have to really be conscious of my embouchure. Also I've never had a sax that let me play all the low notes with such ease, very strange.

So it seems I got an awesome horn in that no name China sax but it's hard to get low c and below with it, yeah, saxophones are weird.
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I'd say the answer is even simpler - our 'justice' system has no desire to 'pin down' Jeff Bezos or any other corporate giant. They OWN the justice system, as well as DC and all legislative activities.

But back to the OP's question:

I sorta echo Whaler here, in a way - at this point ...WHY do you keep buying cheapo new asian saxes ? STOP doing that, OK ?
When you decide to purchase again...sell 2 of them, take the $200 you get for the both, and put t towards a name-brand horn with an established reputation (Yamaha, Jupiter as two most obvious examples) which can be had for around $500-ish.

OK, with that said....if your horns are not speaking properly on all notes, first of all - take them to a tech to see if they are leaking.

If they are, have that attended to. If they are not, then it is you. So you can then ask the question again, knowing that there is something amiss either in your mouthpiece/reed setup or your blowing/embouchure.
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A more accurate answer to the Amazon question about taxes is that they reinvest much of their profit, (R&D, job creation, expansion, etc.) Another thing to keep in mind is that they lost money for many years. Current tax law allows you to offset income against for prior years losses. Additionally, Bezos is NOT Amazon. He pays income tax like the rest of us. Not on his net worth though - on his income.
Interesting take on it. Actually, many communities who host their facilities would beg to differ.

The argument that 'reinvesting' in their own expansion and R&D is a bit of a puzzling one to make, because right there one is more or less stating that they reinvest the $ which should have gone to the public domain ...back into their own company for the benefit of the company.


Thus... some people might argue that paying municipal, state, and federal taxes actually IS a 'reinvestment' the variety of civic infrastructure which keeps communities and municipalities...society as a whole, really... functioning and livable....
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