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Hey there, SOTW community! I've been making a few videos this year for EarthQuaker Devices, a very awesome little company out of Akron, Ohio that happens to be cranking out some of my favorite effects pedals on the market these days. EarthQuaker designs its pedals to be used by a huge range of electric instruments, not just guitars, and I've used them extensively on my keyboards and synths as well as my tenor pedal board in Progger. I just put one up yesterday demonstrating one of my favorite stompboxes in the universe at the moment, the Pitch Bay, which is an extremely gutsy, gnarly, beefy multi-pitch-generating pedal: it takes your signal and duplicates it with one pitch above and one pitch below, and you decide what intervals those pitches are, and how they're mixed in. It's a brutally awesome triad machine.

Here's the video!

I've been interested in using electric effects pedals with saxophone for over a decade, and it's a constantly evolving process. I think the state of the art is pretty great right now in terms of horn players having access to useable effects boxes for live and studio use, and I'd be more than happy to talk about the logistics and technology involved in that for anyone else curious about getting into it.

Happy tweaking!
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