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Saxophone Spring Cleaning. Private instruction w/ Tim Price
In New York City- SKYPE- Or Reading, Pa.
Personal one on private instruction with Tim Price.

Do you want to improve your audition and performing skills?

Saxophonists, do you want to improve your clarinet, Flute and double reeds skills?

I aim at all the styles-Bop, pop, rock, jazz and jazz standards.With improvisation for all styles opening up to greater creativity and self expression.

• Surprise yourself. With simple yet effective tools you will be cleaning out the cobwebs and discover and revolutionize a whole new approach to your material and intensions.

•IMPROVISATION IS TELLING A STORY – Be a story teller.The lyrics tells a story and the melody tells a story. Reach people with your story- through skill and serious study.

These lessons with Tim Price are musical ways to discover a new awareness of your musicality, and a deeper connection via your skills. AND, it’s fun!

My goal with ALL students is to teach more students the values of the masters!
To get to be a better Rock & Roll player- you need to know about Coleman Hawkins, Lester Young and Illinois Jacquet. Ditto in playing jazz and big band styles.

Jazz Theory & Aural Training. Getting to the harmony through knowledge. Chord/scale/mode relationships, developing your ear, and improvisational techniques.

Over the past decade I have done my best to charge ahead with creating a better online experience for those interested.
The studys here>
are only a small dose of what you can expect. There's more!

For more details contact Tim at [email protected]
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