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Saxophone shops in Chattanooga, TN

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Hi everybody. I've been playing my YAS-23 alto sax for 5 years, and it's time for me to get a pro horn for college.

I've tried the Yamaha YAS-62, Selmer Series III, Yanagisawa 901 and 991 in my town (Huntsville, AL), but they were all available in different shops, so I couldn't really compare them side by side. Besides, I want to try the Yamaha Custom models, which none of the shops here have in stock.

So I'm planning a saxophone hunting trip to a town nearby, and I think Chattanooga would be the perfect place to go. What I need here is some information on music shops in Chattanooga that would have a decent stocking of alto saxophones. I'm looking for a new one, so preferably not pawn shops, but it really all depends. If I drive 3 hours to Chattanooga, I might as well try out as many saxophones as possible, no?

Your help is greatly appreciated!

(and yes, I made the same thread about Nashville)
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I live in the Chattanooga area, but have not found a great supply of horns. The best repair shop, Giant Steps, doesnt really keep anything in stock. Most of the other music stores are not sax-centric and are very hit and miss. I saw a P. Mauriat at one store, but thats pretty much it. Even the pawn shops are picked over. So, in 8 months, I have not found much in Chattanooga. I would think Nashville would be a better option.
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