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well i'm a new member here who's completely at a lost with his saxophone playing at the moment. Here's my story:

Well I've been playing saxophone since I was 12 (i'm 17 now), but i'm not NEARLY as good as the many hundreds of people my age i've seen on Youtube and what not. I know a lot of you may be thinking "well it's because you don't practice enough"...which is only partly true (is an hour a dya enough?). I think the real dilemma i'm having at the moment is the lack of a specific teacher (like a strictly classical or strictly jazz teacher) because i've hardly progressed these past two years. I'm completely incompetent in jazz improvisation (i thought jazz was all about blues scales until i realized that's not -_-), sight reading skills are appalling and my ears are terrible. Is it lack of practice, lack of proper/specific teacher or just a gap in the whole learning experience?

Ideas anyone?

(sorry if it sounds like i'm whining.)
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