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I could not care less who writes the music, what color they are, what underwear they have on, etc. I care about whether I enjoy the music. The rest is just fluff.
I was involved as a composer / musician (along with a pianist from Korea) in a project called "East Meets West". We sourced the musicians from around the world, and used a variety of ethnic instruments - The diverse racial background of the players had a huge impact on the music. We didn't use a score - instead we went through the changes with them in the studio and let them express themselves as they saw fit. (and smiles) were the only way some of us could communicate, but the project had a decidedly, "ethnic" feel

I can't really see sexual orientation having such an impact, but it might have some kind of effect.... I would guess Freddie Mercury's contributions to the group "Queen", was influenced in some way by his sexuality....

Disclaimer: I am NOT LGBT or even BLT, so my opinions on this have no basis in personal experience...
1 - 1 of 64 Posts
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