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Hello all,

I tried searching for any threads on this, but didn't find any, so I am making my own. I know some of you have lamented in the past about the saxophone being lacking or not relevant in current popular/pop music. This seems to be changing since 2014. Here are a few current Top 40 artists that have recent hit singles featuring saxophone:

Ariana Grande - Problem (featuring Iggy Azalea)

The tenor sax riff is played by Leon Silva.


Meghan Trainor is influenced by doo-*** music, and you can tell by the "'50s/'60s progressions" in her songs, as well as the use of saxophones.

"All About That Bass"

Bari Sax played by David Baron.

"Lips Are Moving"

"Dear Future Husband"

Tenor and Bari Sax played by Jim Hoke.


Taylor Swift - Shake It Off

This song has a Bari Sax loop as the bass line, played by Jonas Thander.

Also, here are a couple articles on the subject:

I know some of you may not like pop music, but at least hearing saxophones back in popular, catchy songs may give others hope of the saxophone being "cool" again. :)

Have any examples not listed here? Feel free to share your thoughts.
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