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Saxophone from the Hungarian Jewish orchestra

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Who knows such orchestra?
And why they put the name (Sternberg Hangszergyar Budapest) on the bell (Adolphe Sax - It plays better than any other alto!!!)?

On the bell also there are letters "6. GY.E.ZV. 1". What does this inscription mean?
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Hello Silver-sax,

"Sternberg Hangszergyar Budapest" is not orchestra, it was a company producing musical instrumnets, BUT not saxophones. They just print their name on the corpus of different brands. You can probably find Selmer's, Adolf Sax-es or Beuscher's in the same way.
Can not agree with you.
Several years ago I found Coogle link for one auction in Germany with sale of old poster of this orchestra and inscription on Yiddish or Hebrew.
Also it is now possible to see Google link, where evidently, that «Sternberg Hangszergyar» is not manufacture.

Position #6448 ;)
Hangszer = Musical Instrument
Gyar = Factory
Hangszergyar = Musical Instrument Factory

They might have had band also. However the name suggests a manufacture of some sort. I speak (read/write) Hungarian well and I suspect so does Laszlo.

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