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Hey guys,

I've sniffed around these forums for the last 5 years or so, I've always found what was said helpful, and considerate. I've found a new problem and something I've, not truely found a place for on your boards.

TMJ issues.

over the last two years, I've had my wisdom teeth drop, this seems to be the kicker that got the ball rolling, I naturally have a bit of an underbite, and a short upper lip so on my alto, Dropping the jaw and pushing it out, is typically what I do to find my sound. with now 4 rather large teeth in the back of my jaw, they now grate against one another in this motion. Which is not sooo bad, however keeping my jaw in that position often leads to long term pain.

That Aside, the solutions, right now seems to be full jaw surgery which could lead to 6 months of no sax, and a rather different facial structure, and a "hope" that it might fix my problems.

I'm wondering if anyone else deals with TMJ issues, and how did you cope?

I meet with a specialist on the fourth, to talk about removing my wisdom teeth, there is a chance that, that in itself, where it started to become noticeable, might resolve the issue, but I'm truly not holding out.

oh and just to clarify, while there is pain after playing. playing itself seems to alleviation the pain altogether. might be a helpful tidbit.

Thank you for your generosity in advance, always good advise here.
It sounds like you're protruding your jaw and that's causing the wisdom teeth to make contact, discomfort?

Anyhow, not to oversimplify the situation, but you can get along just fine without ANY wisdom teeth.
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