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See what your expert says and go from there. All I can say from personal experience is that my wisdom teeth were nothing but trouble. They "squeezed" my other teeth together causing two lower front teeth to slightly overlap and were constant targets for decay (I've always had good dental hygiene, they're just hard to get to). I would have had them removed early on had I known how much trouble and expense they would cause me. Hope you get some useful advice from your professional. I would, if possible, get more than one opinion. Many people have wisdom teeth extracted early and never miss them. Two of mine (on top) are gone and I'm glad of it.

Just one other note: I was told I had TMJ years ago by a DDS (not an oral surgeon). Frankly, I never felt the need to do anything about it and can't tell it has been an issue in playing the sax (for 24 years or so). I'd be interested to know what you find out, if you don't mind sharing. In any case, good luck!
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