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Saxophone Academy - The GS Reso | Vintage sax mouthpiece in 3D!

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Video description
Review of the GS Reso, a vintage Otto Link copy printed in 3D. This is the first in a new line of mouthpieces from price at $200. Each mouthpiece is hand faced and printed from high quality dental resin.
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Aren't all saxophone mouthpieces in 3D? :scratch::scratch:
Im currently offering a sale on 2D mouthpieces.

Its up to you to find a ligature.
Thats a pretty low pitch
Yes, people jump on the bandwagon. Drake and I came out with one pretty close to the same time. Also, all it takes is amcouplemof famous people to bring a piece into the Limelight.
The Intrepid...been making it since mid 2016

Its not an exact duplicate but very close. It usually supports a bit more baffle. That, of course, can be decreased if the player wishes a more traditional reso design.
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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