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What can you tell me about 'alexandre' brand saxes, is it a well-known brand? Or just Chinese garbage? there's a picture attached Tire Wheel Hood Automotive tire Automotive lighting

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Well, for sure it's Italian.

Actually, most Alexandres were made by Borgani, '60's-'70's. Orsi made more La Montes.

If you, Diego, can post a photo of the pinky table we will be able to identify this immediately. Borgani stencils of this era had very recognizable tables...quite different from Orsis.

Either way...Borgani or Orsi....a well-built, nice sounding saxophone if it is in good playing condition.

I do not know where you live...but here in the US a Tenor (either Orsi or Borgani-made) in good playing condition has a market value of maybe $500 or so.
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